Hanzeborg Multifunctional Carecentre

Hanzeborg Multifunctional Carecentre

EGM architects
Lelystad, Netherlands
Année du projet

Logement des infirmières

Logement des personnes âgées
EGM architecten / Evert van Reijswoud

Design process

EGM architects en tant que Architectes.

Close to the train station in Lelystad the Hanzeborg nursing home is situated, a contemporary yet timeless and remarkable building. EGM used the initial design as the basis for this building. A building where care, services and activities all come together. It is the combination of different disciplines which gives strength to the complex. Hanzeborg has a strong position within the local urban dependency.

In the present social context, a private healthcare is no longer restricted to just one location. However, care should remain easily accessible. Therefore, in the design phase, the relationship between interactive facilities was kept in check. Social and recreational activities ran seamlessly together with the actual care.Welfare has become synonymous with wellbeing. Hanzeborg has a strong position in the local urban context. A new dimension is given in offering and receiving care.

In the present social context, health is no longer offered on a solitary location. However, care must remain easily accessible. The design was therefore taken into account the relationship between interactive and related facilities. Providing social and recreational activities are equal to actual care.

Although the commission regarding Hanzeborg can best be described as designing a new and inspiring care center, it soon became clear that in the final design much mutual influence between the parties had to be created. Visitors from the outside should be secuced to the inside, and users and residents of the complex should be able to experience that they still are part of society. Moreover, the complex requires an efficient double use of the available floor space.

The ability for the building to present itself as an eyecatcher was an important design condition. In fact Hanzeborg had to have the potential to be the main building of the district. Therefore, the two lower layers where public functions are embedded were designed as transparent and accessible as possible. An interesting route offers pedestrians a variety of options to remain longer in Hanzeborg. The building combines its transparent design and public access to the entrance of the park district. It is not a barrier but an interesting place along the route.

The middle floors with apartments and residential units where low profile care is provided, are semi-public; residents and users have clear view of what's happening on the ground floor and can easily reach these dynamic area. On the upper floors closed care areas are situated, where the residents with a disability psychogeriatric, each with a private room, receive the necessary care. User-level requirements were well mapped, so everyone can use the care complex with fun and maximum efficiency.

Since demands are not as static as a few decades ago, needs change rapidly and are difficult to interpret. In Hanzeborg therefore the flexibility of the property within the warranty for longer yields. Not only smart materials were looked at, also in each and every step the focus was on the intended function of Hanzeborg in the district, now and later.

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