Handicapped path and urbanization in Can Boada

Handicapped path and urbanization in Can Boada

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Handicapped path and urbanization in Can Boada

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The creation of an handicapped path in the neighborhood of Can Boada starts from a low budget project to create a trace in the slope of La Pineda in order to communicate two levels of the same district..

Joining a difference of 7 meters height with a development of 150 meters of ramps, we turn the slope into a walk, organizing the traffic traces, giving a background to the Josep Pla plaza and creating a handicapped and friendly path, with rest and stay spots along the trail. All this based on a few architectural elements but with some formal and linear force remarked.

This deliberately austere proposal, with concrete ramps and handrails of steel, adapts to the existing terrain to get integrated in the landscape through a strong geometry, providing a formal trace on day and a light trace at night, and also helps to stabilize the slope and control the rain water on the terrain.

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