Hair Salon in Soho NY

Hair Salon in Soho NY

456 West Broadway, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012, USA | View Map
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Sergio Mannino Studio

Hair Salon in Soho NY

Sergio Mannino Studio en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

As a well-established online business dedicated to high-quality, high-end hair extensions, Glam Seamless found success with their first physical location opened in Soho last year. This space was designed by Sergio Mannino Studio and was such a hit that they have now designed their new West Broadway location as well.


The space, which was previously occupied by the Japanese streetwear company Billionaire Boys Club, is now unrecognizable. The elements of the space are all but gone and have been replaced with vibrant shades of Glam’s signature pink color. Now, on walking through the doors, there’s no denying that the space exudes a feeling of femininity, calmness, and luxury that is ideal for the younger female client base.


One of the only original elements to remain is the arched ceiling on the second floor, which was expanded to include two smaller arches located at the top and bottom of the staircase. These arches use the powerful influence of color to promote Glam Seamless’ unique brand image. Pink stripes start light pink and then progressively get darker until they reach a rich, dark pink at the top, completing an eye-catching gradient.


Color variation is a major part of the design for the rest of the space as well, with the double-height forefront featuring a light pink stripe by the floor and proceed to reach a dark chinaberry on the ceiling. This inclusion of red conjures an environment of passion, energy, and love. When combined with the pink hues, it also allows the space to possess a mature essence.


For the fixtures, Sergio Mannino Studio adapted some of the classic fixture designs of the Broome Street space and combined them with a series of new light pink pieces to match the successful look.


This trendy space was created while meeting a budget of only $120,000, making the design quite the challenge. Its strategic color integration and combination of perpendicular and arching shapes make this West Broadway location the perfect place for customers to interact with Gleam Seamless’ legendary online products in a physical space.


Material Used :
1. Chandelier over cash register by Sergio Mannino Studio
2. Wink Chandeliers by Houtique, designed by Masquespacio
3. Custom pillows by Laine and Alliage
4. Brass tripod stools by Erickson Aesthetics for Colony NY
5. Blush Circus Poufs by Norman Copenhagen.
6. Touch Screen by JVN Systems

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PoufsNormann Copenhagen
StoolErickson Aesthetics
Wink ChandeliersHoutique
Touch ScreenJVN Systems
Fiche technique du produit
Tripod Stool by Erickson Aesthetics
Wink Chandeliers
Wink by Houtique
Touch Screen
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