Hair- and Nail-Studio Brugg

Hair- and Nail-Studio Brugg

Brugg, Switzerland | View Map

Perforated Formboard top pine elements as room dividers.

BRUAG en tant que Fabricants.

“My customers wanted a soft partitioning for their hair and nail studio without reducing the size of the room and restricting light”, explains architect René Stoos. The architect from Brugg designed an intricate pattern which not only divides the room, but also features an intriguing play of pattern. The mobile perforated partition walls can be closed completely or partly and lend the room its fitting, slightly oriental, character. The Formboard elements have been coated with ASS ALU Silver and are popular with the owners of the hair and nail studio as well as their customers because the perforated elements create ever changing exciting patterns, depending on the lighting and sunshine.

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