Haikou Residential Landmark

Haikou Residential Landmark

Equilibrium Architecture
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Haikou Residential Landmark

Equilibrium Architecture en tant que Architectes.

The project is located in a new development area for the city of Haikou. The site is considered the door for this development area and so the project must be a landmark for the city. A mix of residential, service apartments and hotel are strategically organized considering the site conditions. The whole project revolves around 4 key words; Landmark, Unity, Identity and view.

Landmark: We designed a very elegant and innovative pair of towers. One tower rises higher than the other to enhance the landmark feeling.

Unity: The greenbelt crossing the whole project; people can walk through the whole project using the greenbelt, the swimming pool either in north or south makes part of the design.

Identity: White color will be the main material for residential buildings but we want to use local materials as well; the typical red stone will be a feature of the façade design. This combination will give a very tropical feeling and as well a very fresh feeling. So identity is given by the local materials and by the white color which is typical for predominantly hot temperature cities.

View: The whole project has been conceived to maximize view, this is reflected not only in the master plan design but as well the hotel and apartments design are arranged to achieve this objective. The landscape is the main unifying element for the project.

In cooperation with DGBK Architects

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