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Andrea Diglas


HILDEBRAND en tant que Architectes.

The project Hadlaub contributes to the discourse on nature-based design and the relationship between wood and wellbeeing. Influenced by the Japanese bathing culture, an architecture was created that appeals to all the senses of the body. The precision of the craftsmanship creates a sensual atmosphere in which everyday rituals can be celebrated. We experience the feel and scent of the materials in their raw state. The grain of the wood, the texture of the stone, the scent of the Hinoki bathtub, the natural shadows cast, the dim lighting of the toilet - All these details evoke a special mood and aesthetic that are in harmony with our idea about life and the flow of time.


Material Used:

1. Flooring- Wooden floor of dark ash parquet, Flooringcut out in the Japanese Naguri technique

2. Doors- Shoji sliding door

3. Bathroom Walls- Slatted frame made of fine maple wood

4. Tatami Bedroom Walls- Natural clay plaster

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