Habitat Antique

Habitat Antique

Facet Studio
Osaka, Japan
Tomohiro Sakashita

Habitat Antique Shop

Facet Studio en tant que Architectes.

Located at a residential area in Japan is a small shop which sells antiques. “Antiques” are objects which are, different from manufactured products, becoming increasingly charming together with the passing of time. Furthermore, it is also dependant on the location and era of collection that the objects possess their own individuality. The characteristic of this shop is that there is only one of each item, honouring their individuality.

Timber is a living material. The section of this material records the passing of time in the form of growth rings. Also, the expression of the material is created by the different patterns formed by growth rings. In order to extract the charm of this material, we layered the sections of timber, to allow the timber sections to create the “pattern of time” for us.

To enjoy the charm of changing with time; to adore the expression of individualism... This material of timber calmly expresses the secrete pleasure of antique lovers.

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