H Unit of the partial plan Mendebaldea

H Unit of the partial plan Mendebaldea

Vaillo + Irigaray

Juan L. Irigaray Huarta

Antonio Vaillo

Daniel Galar

GVG Estudio
Pamplona, Spain
Année du projet
Alfonso Percaz

Memoria Plaza

Vaillo + Irigaray en tant que Architectes.

Urban space - square - comes pre-defined by two streets and a building that acts as a backdrop. This urban space, so open, exercising the role of hinge between the adjacent building and the existing road. Due to the heights of adjacent buildings, is actually an "empty" center.

Conceptually the square as a large paved surface "lining" the entire space. Only items treated as "street furniture" re-configure the space, light elements, supposedly light express condition of lightness, since the square is the "cover" a large underground parking lot of 3 basements.

The organization of elements within the square are made up as a "collage", using the confluence of several frames, which aim to answer your relationship with the environment.

Practically todods the elements that compose it have been executed by galvanized metal parts: setting up a "monochrome still life", which include some elements that contrast time-giving them a warmth material and above all a repetition of the material under multiple formalizations , proposes a new urban reading: a frozen nature, almost photographic, and abstract in nature.

This abstraction is born, however, is no relation between the elements paradigmatic elements in our streets: kiosk, fountains, shelters, benches, trees and lampposts ... Significantly takes up the essential elements that define a public space. Formally, "deformed" and bow to the specific needs of the place itself.

KIOSK Around the ventilation requirements in the basements below sets up a "booth" at the center of the plaza.: Floor and roof is fixed in iroko wood, on a galvanized steel structure.

GARAGE Laterally and as background to the side of the square, a marquee appears very slender, resolute in galvanized metal frame and covered with translucent glass. TREES AND POWER Delimiting the more open side of the square, and in order to establish a "filter" with respect to the increased flow street shot, you see a row of "trees metal" according to an apparent arbitrary pattern. Among the trees you enter a pattern of "mist" of water, whose "steamy tag" emphasizes the concept of a filter at the same time introduces the element "water" in a much more ethereal. The trees are set up by different sections of galvanized pipe. The sprays also have run through galvanized tubular rings.

STREET The other street is also filtered through a network of streetlights to be spreading in the plaza and focusing, this time with light, those tours Visula and "pedestrian" that determine the flow of the square.

BANKS As a "thread" driver, banks introduce visual pathways between the various elements, outside the general geometry of the square. For your own sinuous geometry propose a situation "hilarious" that leads to curiosity. The banks are run by a galvanized metal profile generatiz, on which are supported iroko wood slats.

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