Guangzhou International Cultural Center

Guangzhou International Cultural Center

FGP Atelier
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China | View Map
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Guangzhou International Cultural Center

FGP Atelier en tant que Architectes.

The Guangzhou International Cultural Center (GICC) - a 150,000 SQM 320 M Tall Tower - is designed with a holistic attitude in mind, in which architecture, engineering, environmental, functional and technological principles respond to each other to create a timeless landmark.
GICC will continue within the legacy of cutting-edge office environments designed by FGP Atelier.  The building will offer a place for human interaction in a “tower campus” comprised of a plaza, underground arcade connected to the subway station, lobby, multi-level bookstore, sky lobby, and sky club. 


The form and shape are driven by the idea that knowledge sharing is essential to the formation of culture and that culture makes people understand each other better – that through culture it is easier to overcome barriers and grow and ascend as human beings.  The articulation of the building form as a peak also allows for a series of terraces with breathtaking views of the city.  These terraces are sheltered by a series of screens that provide protection from the wind and rain.  They also create a dynamic tension between the culmination of the building in a peak and the resolution of the building as an ideal rectangular form.  Beyond creating functional green spaces, the stepping form of the peak of the building creates a unique relationship between the lobby and the stepped terraces at the base of the building in order to give the entire object a sense of cohesion across its large scale.

Our concept strives for urban openness, physical and spiritual connectivity, simplicity in the organization of functions, clarity in the use of materials and systems, and efficient use of space and resources.  The plan configuration is bold and simple. GICC is anchored by a logical and efficient core with a podium defined by the bookstore that showcases the work of the client and offers Guangzhou a vibrant cultural destination.  The stepped form of the building not only is ideally suited to this cultural program, but suggests the theme of ascent and the quest for knowledge.

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