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Groot Klimmendaal

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Auditorium Groot Klimmendaal

Theateradvies bv en tant que Consultants.

A multifunctional auditorium with flexible space for wheelchairs and beds was built as part of the rehabilitation centre Groot Klimmendaal. theateradvies bv was involved in the design and construction of the auditorium where, among other activities, patients will receive therapy. Courses, meetings and shows will also be planned. The auditorium is also fit for the projection of films. Groot Klimmendaal makes theatre a part of the rehabilitation process making this a unique institute in the Netherlands. Music, theatre and digital media are being worked with on a therapeutic basis.

The wish to use the auditorium for a very diverse set of events was taken into account during the design process. Particularly interesting is the telescopic seating system made of three parts. The parts of the system can be set up in the auditorium as a whole or independent of each other. The first row of the central part can be pushed in to provide more room for wheelchairs or beds. There are a total of 187 seats. The seating system can easily be moved through the air cushion system.

The auditorium is of course equipped with a professional lighting and sound installation. The space may also be divided up with the help of mobile walls. This way more than one activity make take place at one time. Quite multifunctional! For more information about projects by theateradvies, browse

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