Greenwich Wharf
Hufton & Crow

Greenwich Wharf

Squire & Partners en tant que Architectes.

This 1.3 million sq ft brownfield site lies immediately east of the Royal Naval College, a World Heritage Site. The brief sought a sustainable mixed-use development which integrates with the existing urban fabric and acting as a catalyst for the regeneration of this part of Greenwich. The scheme provides 837 residential units, 79,675 sq ft of commercial space, studio workshops, retail units and sports facilities. Trade and raw goods which have historically been associated with the four wharves – lead, granite, slate, zinc, brick and timber – informed the materials strategy and provide an identity and character to the spaces. Finger blocks set around the open spaces running east to west provide river views from deep within the site to over 90% of the apartments. Set at right angles to the river, they allow permeability to the Thames Path. To the rear of the site low rise development responds to surrounding residential context.

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