Prestigious Greencity Zurich project with LEED Platinum ecology labels

Jansen en tant que Geothermal systems, Door systems.

On the former industrial site, a residential and commercial area was designed that can be considered particularly ecological as the first certified "2000-watt site in Switzerland". The quarter is overlooked by "Pergamin II", the first office building on the site. In stages, the new quarter in the south of Zurich is moving towards the future. With visionary architecture, an inspiring environment and lived responsibility, Greencity aims to fulfill a far-sighted location concept. In terms of geothermal energy, Greencity is one of the largest probe fields in Europe. The entire site is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Greencity's first office building: Urban, sustainable and representative

The well-thought-out training and office facilities cover 12,200 square meters, designed for the working world of the future. Janisol 2 EI30 and Janisol C4 doors were installed in the "Pergamin II" building. Janisol 2 made it possible to create multifunctional transparent interior closures and partition walls with modern, filigree profiles. They fully meet the fire protection requirements of a heavily frequented office building. On each floor except for the basement, this reception area opens up to the floors by means of fixed glazing with Janisol 2 EI30 and double-leaf glass doors Janisol C4. The thermally insulated Janisol C4 fire door adds further fire protection with an innovative ceramic filling in sophisticated steel profiles up to a fire resistance class of EI90.

Thanks to its innovative concept, the Pergamin II meets the requirements for the platinum LEED international environmental label. Pergamin II offers a high degree of flexibility and cuts an impressive figure thanks to its clearly structured floor plans that use space extremely efficiently. Accordingly, optimal learning, working and residential conditions will be guaranteed through natural ventilation options, plenty of daylight due to the shallow room depths as well as well thought-out room structures.

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Geothermal energy: geothermal energy turns vision into reality

Greencity lies like an island between the surrounding natural and urban areas and is at the same time in the middle of modern life. With 47,300 bore meters, it is one of the largest probe fields in Europe. Equipped with 215 geothermal probes geotwin (double U 40 mm), it forms the energetic heart of the area. 

There were several reasons why Jansen was awarded the contract: On the one hand, the technical advice and service were right, and on the other hand, the JANSEN geotwin double U probes were easy and convenient to install thanks to their double winding. The on-time and qualitative probe installation was a logistical masterpiece.


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