Green Village Wakasugi

Green Village Wakasugi

Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan | View Map
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Noriyuki Yano

Green Village Wakasugi

STGK Inc. en tant que Architectes paysagistes.

Life with Seasons


Green Village Wakasugi is a residential development project including a block of flats. Japan, with its four seasons, has long been celebrating seasonal events among communities to share traditional wisdom and affirming bonds. In order to embrace such tradition to live with changing seasons, and to appreciate them together for what they bring us, we have placed various set-ups in the landscape design to live with a concept of "life with seasons". In the parks and the public space of the flats named "Timbered Terrace," we have installed a mortar for making rice cakes, decks for cherry blossom viewing, a barbecue terrace, and birdbaths. We have also created Kutani ware porcelain plates with designs to represent the twenty-four solar terms, and placed them among the grounds along with matching seasonal plants. In order to promote community building with a sense of unity, we have designed uniform gate pillars, placed signature trees, and laid down some rules on how the exterior walls are used and maintained.

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