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Graha Lakon

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Madiun, Madiun City, East Java, Indonesia | View Map
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Graha Lakon

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Graha Lakon is a contractor office based in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia.The named Graha Lakon came from two javanese words. Graha means house, while Lakon means the main actor (of a story). The name, Graha Lakon, was chosen due to its design process and its execution whose client collects ethnic wood material which he dreams to use it as architectural element of his building, therefore, it becomes elements for one area of the facade of the building.


The client also arranges the furniture and the other element for this office by himself (with the architect’s direction) to execute this concept of Graha Lakon (laras-kontras, lawas kontemporer) or (harmony-contrast, old-fashioned-contemporary). From the outside, harmony-contrast element can be seen from the juxtaposition of brick material and the ethnic wood panels with random impression. Both elements were neatly arranged and contained of small panels, but we can find its contrary power within the arrangement between the organized and the random. It happened also in the juxtaposition of bricks and the contemporary element (concrete, glass, iron) as the locality and globality (which actually contrary) come together but still can be harmony in this design. Thus made both tension and intimacy come up within them.


The shape of the office is basically a box, following the existing already built structure. The box is divided into a public and private area. The space in the first floor is a public and semiprivate area, while the second floor is for private function. The public area are recepcionist, room for guest, dining room and kitchen, and a courtyard. The private function consist of staff room, director room, meeting room, and a mushalla. The public and private area are connected by a courtyard that open to the sky. In the daily life this office will be used by six to eight person.


Material Used:

1. Red Brick

2. Concrete

3. Wood

4. Re-use Material (ethnic wood material)

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