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SHROFFLEóN en tant que Architectes.

Size - 2000 sq.ft.

For this pharmaceutical factory, located in Karamsad, Baroda, the brief given by the clients involved redesigning the entrance to the main factory plant. The redesigning, a result of the property line being pushed back 20 ft due to road widening, involved the addition of a large waiting room at the entrance. 2 openings; one wide opening for the numerous vehicles and trucks, along with a smaller 2.5 m opening for the pedestrians and two-wheelers, were created along the facade.

A security cabin was placed between the 2 gates, such that it caters to both thepedestrians and vehicles effectively. The cabin, designed with large window openings on 3 sides, sits rotated on site, allowing the guards multidirectional views of both the inside and the outside space. The pedestrian gate opens into a sheltered, landscaped area with direct access to the primary waiting room. A simple glass facade separates the waiting room and the landscaped area outside, making the space seem larger and more spacious. A secondary open air waiting room for the drivers was also added abuting the main waiting room.

A large exposed concrete floating roof sits on the waiting room structure, completing the space. The roof continues to extend beyond the structure over the pedestrian gate and landscaped area, tying the spaces together.

A monochromatic theme was adopted for this project, with simple materials including fly ash bricks andkota stone dominant throughout. Intricate fly ash brickwork commands the new facade of the entrance gate. The bricks, rather than being placed conventionally, are placed at a 45 degree pattern, in staggered courses to create a dynamic, textured facade.Kota stone and Kota stone chips are seen in both the exterior spaces and in the waiting room, where several pieces of stone furniture are seen. Several landscaping elements were added to create a pleasant yet functional entrance to the factory.

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