GIADA stores

GIADA stores

Claudio Silvestrin architects
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GIADA stores

Claudio Silvestrin architects en tant que Architectes.

Claudio Silvestrin’s boutique design for GIADA is an image of contemporary, yet timeless architecture, where the ancient and the modern embrace one another in a calm and elegant space, giving full expression to GIADA fashion.

Truly natural materials and elements: life-giving water, stone from the Dolomites, cast bronze and natural leather are united in harmony through a linear and decisive geometry, rich in sophisticated detail.

Thus, an architecture that forms the perfect marriage to the extraordinary quality of GIADA fashion.


1. Floors - stone: white porphyry (water jet finish) _ boutique, lift - natural leather _ fitting rooms

2. Walls - stone: white porphyry (water jet finish) _ boutique - natural leather _ fitting rooms, lift - marmorino _ stairs

3. Ceiling - white-painted plasterboard (RAL 9003)

4. Doors - natural leather - antique brass finish

5. Stone Totems - limestone (block row skin)

6. Clothes Hanging Rails - antique brass finish

7. Furniture - cast bronze: pedestals, display island, cash desk screen, VIP room’s bench - antique brass finish: packaging room’s shelves, packaging room’s table - natural leather finish ‘testa di moro’: top cash desk - white finish leather: sofa and armchair Dema, VIP room-storage curtains

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