Generator Copenhagen

Generator Copenhagen

Adelgade 5-7, 1304 Copenhagen, Denmark | View Map
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Nikolas Koenig

Generator Copenhagen

DesignAgency en tant que Concepteurs.

Generator Copenhagen combines the practicality and stylishness of Denmark with the social energy and youthfulness of the Generator brand. Centrally located just off Copenhagen’s Kongens Nytorv Square, the six-storey hostel transforms a Philippe Starck-designed apartment building.Its former social spaces and furnishings presented a great starting point for a lively and playful interior that mixes high design with cheap chic.

At street level, a flexible space is used as a pop-up shop or gallery. A side entrance elevator lobby with illustrations of Copenhagen by local artist Tim Bjorn leads guests to the reception area. There, Generator’s signature ‘G’ sculpture–in this case lit with colour-changing LED lights, mixes with layered textures and materials and a mix of signature furnishings reclaimed from the apartment.

A runway leads guests from reception along the canteen and travel information areas to a small café,opening at the bar and disco. Beyond, large socializing lounges are furnished by local manufacturers such as HAY, Bolia and Muuto. The lounges can be separated as required with custom-designed movable dividers covered in Piet Hein Eek’s Scrapwood Wallpaper and punched with antique wooden windows.

Material Used :

1. HAY – Furnishings

2. Bolia– Furnishings

3. Muuto– Furnishings

4. Piet Hein – Scrapwood Wallpaper

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