GEM Museum

GEM Museum

Benthem Crouwel Architects
Den Haag, Netherlands
Année du projet
Jannes Linders

GEM + Museum of Photography

Benthem Crouwel Architects en tant que architect.

The exterior of this former exhibition building, added to the Gemeentemuseum in 1962 by Sjoerd Schamhart and J.F. Heijligers, was left largely left unaltered during the renovation. The key interventions were to make its new contents directly accessible from the avenue (Stadthouderslaan), enlarge it slightly at the new entrance, and place the restaurant at the front of the pool with a clear view of the Gemeentemuseum. Inside, the building's existing spatial structure has been retained. All exhibition spaces save for the ground-floor galleries are freely subdivisible and technically equipped to display media art. A key museological component of the new museum is its easy-to-follow routeing. The restaurant has been fitted out as an art project in close collaboration with the museum directors. Benthem Crouwel designed the layout and fixed elements, Richard Hutton the movable elements and R. van Meygaard and B. Afrassiabi the lighting.

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