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The project is a contexture Mixed-Use Development (MXD) on a flat site located in Abu Dhabi along the river Khor al-maqta.

The proposed scheme includes the following used: Residential, Hotel, Commercial center and Offices.

Maximum height : 40 meters with 8 floors.

Site is located within two bridge Sheikh Zayed ,an arch bridge, is the most interacted bridge ever constructed and The al maqta bridge is a first landmark bridge constructed in 1976,connecting the main land with Abu Dhabi island.

The Khor al maqta river can be used as a view factor and as a main inspiration for the design.

Hotel and Commercial Center design is inspired by natural forms created when water and land meet. The spaces between the volumes are carefully landscaped creating a series of green spaces.

At the heart of and running throughout the scheme, are landscaped public spaces and pedestrian streets that connect all the buildings. This sets the scheme apart from a rigid formation of the view of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center.

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