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Année du projet
Rodrigo Chapa / Estudio Tampiquito


Anagrama en tant que Architectes.

The Client

Gastrology is an international food gastro bar with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The concept is born from the combination of pop-art related references and components that evoke a scientific resemblance..

The Objective

Create a versatile venue interior design experience allowing enough flexibility to work as a restaurant during the day and become a gastro-bar at night with a relaxed and fun ambiance

The Solution

The interiors achieve the coexistence between modern context materials such as concrete and brass finishes together with bricks that give a textured and warm contrast in a lively and balanced atmosphere. The luminaire, constructed from a structure covering most of the roof, with its lighted spheres connected employing tubular components, adopts a leading role in the spot reminding us of atomic bonds in molecular formations.

A very particular element in this project is the marquee on the wall that reminds us about the periodic table of the elements and contrasts with the the neon lights that shine on other areas of the space. The furniture, in velvet lining, adds a warm touch to the visitors experience to this venue.

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