Garun Cafe-Restaurant

Garun Cafe-Restaurant

Archangel Architectural Bureau
30 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia | View Map
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Archangel Architectural Bureau en tant que Architectes.

The Seasons of the year come and go and sometimes people do not get enough time to enjoy their favourite season. Some like the summer, others the winter, but the absolute favourite within the literature and human preference is the spring.

Spring – that’s what Garun stands for in the complicated but still beautiful language that is the Armenian.

So considering the publics love for the spring season, Archangel has created a place, in the tiny 60F of space, where there is a whole world, where it is always spring, or Garun.

           Moving on from the popular associative color of spring, the green, Archangel has reinvented Garun in the colors of blue and yellow with the graphical solutions of flowers using the green exclusively in the form of vegetation.

As the little space was still a real issue Archangel still managed to fit bookshelves, flower beds and cupboards, but illustrated on the walls still including interesting book names and relevant information.

With the talented hand of Narek Barseghyan the walls have gained life and became one of the unique elements that make Garun the popular place it is now.

Archangel used minimalism with a touch of delicate furniture. Industrialist solutions are used on the air, wiring and communications systems. Those styles mixed together with the addition of the colors and the illustrations are making Garun a popular social gathering spot in Armenia.

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