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In the center of the city, two apartments were joined to make one to overcome the shortcomings of the original small and dark rooms. The renovation was to combine the spaces and create an efficient house to cater to the requirements of a family while taking advantage of the region’s pleasant weather.

The new design zoned the apartment into two parts. One area was the more open kitchen, dining and living spaces overlooking the large garden. The other was the more private area comprising the family and bedrooms.The entire house was to be made larger by introducing movable boundaries within the apartment as well as between the inside and the outdoor spaces.

In keeping with PSR Architecture's focus on sustainability, the intent was to reduce energy bills by expanding the windows, thereby allowing more light and breeze into the home. In the living area, folding glass doors would be drawn to allow the wooden patio deck to become an extension of the living space.The proposal was designed to create an open, bright and inviting interior, keeping the occupants in touch with

their lush green surroundings.

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