GAGA Club  I  Hamburg

GAGA Club I Hamburg

Querkopf Architekten
Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany | View Map
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GAGA Club Hamburg

Querkopf Architekten en tant que Architectes.

The Reeperbahn nightlife district known beyond Germany’s borders has an extraordinary attraction force, which to a great extent is due to the fascinating contrasts that the district has to offer. The design for the GAGA club plays exactly these contrasts; it creates a unique atmosphere up above the Reeperbahn and simultaneously remains connected to it.

Similarly, the owners’ concept “Dinner and Dance” combines two contrasting application of spaces allowing a change in the location with the progression of the night. The guest area is skillfully divided in four areas by two stairwells. In addition to the entrance and cloakroom areas, there are two bars with different focuses each and the dance floor.

A square grid of rusted rebar pulls through the entire club as the overarching structure, spanning ceiling and walls to ultimately converge in an oversized sculpture on the top of the main bar. This sculpture dissolves the grid and shapes a new geometry. Last but not least, this structure becomes the focal point in our new location providing a stage for dancers and other shows. Below, in the middle of the room, there is a solid-looking bar which forms an elegant contrast between its noble surface of smoked oak and embedded brass pixels and the rough steel structure.

Around the bar turquoise blue upholstered booths are located over platforms, heavy wooden tables stand in the middle and a cloud of pendant lamps floats above them. The wall covering behind the steel repeatedly switches between elegant wooden slats and large mirror surfaces. Right in front hang a large wall of brass panels which, as the night progresses, contributes to the transformation of the club.

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