Frost Tower

Banker Wire en tant que Wire Mesh Wall Cladding.

The design concept of Frost Tower in San Antonio, Texas by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects called for a stunning wall covering that provided visual interest and a glowing effect. The design team thoughtfully chose Banker Wire’s M22-80 woven wire mesh in a stainless steel and brass mixed alloy configuration.

To enhance the color and sparkling visual effect of M22-80, custom mirror panels spanning 28 feet high were placed several inches behind the wire mesh to leverage the mix of alloys, lighting, and unique pairing of finishes. The depth and movement of the beautifully contrasting woven wires dynamically change as the viewer’s perspective changes. The open percentage of the M22-80 pattern creates a double image reflection in the mirror panels, allowing passersby to appreciate both sides of the nested helical crimped wires. Down lighting and exterior wall wash lighting illuminate the wire mesh even further.

“We were looking for a special and unique appearance for this important feature wall,” said John Lind, Senior Associate, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. “Banker Wire’s M22-80 wire mesh was the best option for this application. This product was offered at a competitive price without sacrificing quality or design.”

In all, the lobby showcases two flanking feature walls that encompass 2,900 square feet and face outward, enclosing the elevator corridor. The walls measure 100 feet in length and more than 30 feet wide. G&H Contracting used the wire mesh to fabricate the panels with custom framing in a Duranar paint finish to ultimately create the main feature of the lobby.

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Wire Mesh Wall Cladding
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Wire Mesh Wall Cladding
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