Francisco Sobrino Museum

Francisco Sobrino Museum

Pablo Moreno Mansilla
Guadalajara, Spain | View Map
Pablo Moreno
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ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
Aislamientos fibra de vidrio OKAPANEOKALUX GmbH
IluminaciónXal GmbH
Wood palletsBambooTouch
Carpinteria y EvanisteríaJesús Sánchez Carpinteros

Fiche technique du produit
Aislamientos fibra de vidrio OKAPANE
Wood pallets
Carpinteria y Evanistería

Francisco Sobrino Museum

Pablo Moreno Mansilla en tant que Architectes.

The purpose of the operation is the adequacy of the old sheds of the Matadero Municipal and the construction of adjoint spaces that allow the transformation of the whole in a museum space whose main character is kinetic sculptor Francisco Sobrino.

The starting point of the proposal goes through promoting one of the most attractive points of the project, the convergent perspective of the old sheds from Cuesta del Matadero and the relation space that is left between them.

Two new buildings are built in the anterior and posterior parts of the historical sheds, that serve as support for the true containers of Sobrino's collection, but also have the functional role of hiding from the view the adjoining party walls as well as creating an access atrium and a background curtain that covers the existing unevenness with the posterior street.

The route is thought as continuous, entering from the right atrium and walking counterclockwise through the lobby, the first shed, the rear relation space with a children and audiovisual area, second shed and services space, and exit to the atrium.

Aluminum bellows allow the transition between the new and old arquitecture.

White concrete, translucent U-glas, Iroco Wood and aluminum locks make contrast with the historical brick seen in the shed, creating a respectful game that allows recovery of an abandoned space for the city.


Material Used:
1. Carpinteria Jesus Sanchez: Carpentry and Evanisteria
2. Tuca Bambu: Wooden pallets
3. Lamberts Linit: U-Glass
4. Xal Lighting: Lighting
5. Okalux: OKAPANE Fiberglass Insulation

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