Foto and Architecture Museum

Foto and Architecture Museum

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Liget Budapest

DESET en tant que Architectes.

The inspiration to create museum for Architecture and Photography is high-lightened from the historical context and the lightness of the park area. PERSPECTIVE AND LIGHT are the main epistle from the authors of the project to the audience. This epistle, being upheld by the lightness, fretwork and softness of the forms, composes the conception and the Impact of the project. By using new building technologies for the form-making and the space modeling a really impressive by its lightness and softness volume is built. The forms that are accomplished are highly contextual and homogeneous connected with the historical and urban stratifications of the territory. They form their silhouette from the small differences of the urban deviations and show these stratifications in time, and at the same time they form entrance to the park. The form of the two buildings have common genesis, but each of them accounts the differences of the area and together they create dynamical and highly influential ensemble. The forms and the interactions of the buildings to the situation make gesture to the historical staying green circle, as they create conditions it to be expanded and restored in its authentic outlook.

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