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ForoEuropeo Business School

Vaillo + Irigaray
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Année du projet
Jose Manuel Cutillas

ForoEuropeo Business School

Vaillo + Irigaray en tant que Architectes.

The logic of the building is based in two premises: to be the first building of a future Campus (ForoEuropeo Business Campus) and to be located in a meander of the river Arga.

The program is the typical one in educational buildings: classrooms and offices, complemented with more public uses, such as, canteen, library, etc.


Basic minimum cell: flexibility = iso-space
The structure of the project, based on a basic minimum cell, as a minimum optimum space, can multiply itself creating structures suitable for the different uses. This strategy provides a great flexibility to the building in accordance with the changing program.

Thereby, the building can be arranged as pure classrooms building, as an office building, or have all the possibilities of different hybrids as required.


Campus Senate
The building recovers the European didactic tradition, the concept of Campus Senate as organizer structure: this way the brief is articulated around a courtyard.

This structure releases in its 4 converges points “voids”, which are the meeting areas, access and spaces related to the outside.

The courtyard geometry is split by the inclusion of two pieces, with different uses from the classrooms and the offices, as the cafeteria, the library and toilets, that allows a different comprehension of the central courtyard, with new smaller courts, new lines of vision and converge points. This way, to each artery of communication belongs a “different” patio, and therefore a different kind of space.


Permeable chest
Our contemporary condition requires that the first building of a future campus contains –from its outside appearance- didactic expression, and it gives the sense that something is still emerging.

It is chosen the way of abstraction, forcing the lecture of a building that contains and keeps something valuable; however the building is radically logic with its function.

The compactness responds to a textile language, which adding different layers configures a cover capable of containing the necessary conditions for the function.

The “clothing”, as “veils” with different transparencies, responds to an abstract relation with the natural surroundings: the slight reflects (as the ones that happens in the spider webs), the baroque shining tones, as huge embroideries, in front of the nude trunk in Winter or with the color of the foliage in autumn, etc.

This way, each plane of facade, each folding, tries to respond in a different way, to the surroundings  –orientation, views, access, etc.- and tries to have a meaning itself. So that, each facade is different, -as it happens in the indoor facades of the courtyard.

Therefore, the different sights, full of shades, changeable during the day and the different seasons, make the reading of the building change, depending on the observer’s point of view…*

*In this building the photograph is “almost a lie”: it is only true in the right momento of the snap…the other thousand times the building is different, each moment: different.

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