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Flamingo House

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2.1 Plot

The house was designed on a plot of land located only ~ 1km from the historic center of Żory. From the east it borders with ul. Nice, on the other side of which begins the recreational and park area arranged in the historic area of ​​the former brickyard and stretching to the very center.
The plot has a unique terrain. It is very diverse in terms of height. Its highest part runs along the southern border of the plot and drops significantly north along the road and north-west creating a depression there. The height difference on the whole plot is about 5m.


The building was located in the north-eastern part of the plot in such a way as to obtain a maximum large partition on the southern side of the house. It was planned on a linear system of 2 intersecting W-Z and PN-PD axes. One of them was stretched parallel to the road and set in the upper part of the plot. The second axis was stretched parallel to the northern border of the plot and was embedded in the basin. The building located in such a way allowed to isolate the private part from the public road and from the adjacent terraced houses, while at the same time opening completely to the southern exhibition. This part of the plot seems to be the most attractive; with terrain climbing up, covered with natural vegetation; trees and bushes. This location of the building optimally uses the natural shape of the plot.


From street In Nice, you will see a rectangular, light body of the building, constituting a barrier limiting the view of the space used by the household members. This part of the building was elevated above ground level and cut off with a strip of glazing from the ground, which gives it lightness and the effect of a levitating object.
The lower floor was organized around the inner patio and oriented towards the plot.
In addition, the elegant nature of the entrance and reception area is emphasized by elegant interior design elements such as: decorative lighting fixtures in a spatial form, comfortable leather furniture and living greenery.


In the upper part visible from the street, the bedrooms and bathrooms of the household were located. These rooms were organized so as to provide users with attractive views of the tree-lined south-west part of the plot while separating them with full walls from the public road. Only the office, conceived as a workplace, has a view of the entrance and entry area.
The entrance and location of the garage were designed to take advantage of the natural terrain that falls quite significantly north-west. Thanks to this, the gently shaped ramp can act as both access and access to the building at the same time.

Daytime functions were organized around the patio; a spacious living room with dining room and open kitchen, home gym and spa area, entrance area and economic facilities. In the center of the patio there is a shallow 6x6m pool with a closed circulation of flowing water. A narrow stream of water flows out of the pool and stretches along the entire southern facade and then descends with a small cascade into the garden. There, the underground hydraulic system equipped with filters is again pumped into the pool and circulates gently murmuring and provides a unique microclimate of the interior. Thanks to the roofings designed above the terraces, users were able to use the outside part even under less favorable weather conditions, and the most favorable view openings to the picturesque plot were provided.
Through the system of full walls, large façade glazing and roofed and uncovered terraces organized around the patio, the clear boundary between what is internal and external is blurred. What the effect of introducing the landscape into the interior of the building was obtained.


The layout of the facades is a dynamic game between what is full and transparent, what is light and heavy, full surfaces and sharp edges as well as what is light and dark. Full facades send out the interior where there is a need to limit the view, and glazing introduces the most beautiful views of the landscaped garden. Massive blocks contrast with the glass façade stripes creating the impression of levitating compositions. The full surfaces of the smooth walls are adjacent to the sharp edges of the roofing, which through the chiaroscuro give the building dynamics. The whiteness of full surfaces was combined with the dark rhythm of the windows and the external facade blinds.

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