Fish Trap House II

Fish Trap House II

Cheng Tsung FENG Design Studio
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Fish Trap House II

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The FISH TRAP is an ancient fishing tool hand-made from bamboo and rattan, which can be found in traditional ethnic cultures. After collecting and researching the fish trap from various ethnic groups, it is found that there is a huge difference between the shapes and the sizes. In a further study of the main causes, it is attributed that the shapes and the sizes are subjected to the following factors:materials to be readily available in the environment, the kinds of prey, the context of the environment, and the aesthetic perspectives of various ethnic groups.


Among these different fish traps, we found that it involved common production thinking and modeling methods. These intangible cultures embedded in tangible objects are like living organics which can grow in response to the environment.


Invited by Design Society, we went to The Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen to create the installation. In this installation art, we relocated the fish trap from thousands of natural rivers to the building designed by Japanese architect Maki Fumihiko, which was completed less than a year ago. With the transit of this fishing trap, people can see distinct spatial shapes, lights, and shadows from different angles of the first and the second floors, and it replaced various kinds of fishes with the crowd of people.


By making a magnificent hand-made fishing trap, it attracts people to become a fish and swim into the fascinating ancient culture.

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