Firmengruppe Liebherr at the Bauma 2010 in Munich

Firmengruppe Liebherr at the Bauma 2010 in Munich

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner

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Firmengruppe Liebherr at the Bauma 2010 in Munich

KTP Kauffmann Theilig & Partner en tant que Architectes.

Liebherr has developed a totally new stand concept for its open-air site at the 2010 Bauma in Munich – a international trade fair event for construc-tion machines. Taking ‘All Roads lead to Liebherr’ as its motto, the con-cept creates an entirely new outstanding and self-confident Liebherr stand environment. The stand will be used for the next to Bauma-Events in 2013 and 2016.

The simple and logical idea was to create a space defining element for the orderless complexity of the series of construction machines. The stand area was bordered by a screen, a 15 meter high and 5 meter above the ground lifted steel-construction that was wrapped more or less transparent with textile stripes. This screen achieves different qualities: • free sight and visitor flow on the inner stand area • perfect long range effect and surface for the firm’s logo • neutral background for the exhibits. The building structure with all interior facilities arranged in two slim blocks running the full length of the site is integrated formally into the screen. Since these are raised on columns, the visitor approaching the stand has an unobstructed view across more than 13,500 square metres of display area and the many interesting construction machines exhibited there. Right where the blocks are crossing there is the main entrance and a plaza with special highlight exhibits.

The length of the buildings makes it easy to locate each product area near the relevant group of exhibits. The smooth transition between inside and outside, and the ability to position the machines close to the meeting rooms, create a “tribune” effect and emphasise that the products on dis-play are the real stars of the event. On the inner stand area all exhibits are presented on eight sorted and clearly arranged zones.

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