Find Found Founded : Selected shop I Drinks project en tant que Architectes d'intérieur.

When the definition of “Second hands item” has been interpreted, edited, and rearranged. The main purpose of this experimental design is to put old pieces of furniture together to rebuild and create​ a​ character for​ this​ shop​ to​ showcase​ a collection, selective, antique, and vintage item in which each item has it's own unique and charm that has been carefully selected by a passionate owner. 

          Then the time of collecting information and find “the right material” by designer and owner has begun. The door, window frame, and old furniture has​been selected to make a new material for this design. The​ more materials that found the​ more clearer picture of this shop​is. The main idea of the designer after gathering enough materials for the shop is to create, adapt, and design the place according to products that are going to showcase here which has different types and sizes. Also to​ designed this place for​ an activity that is going to happen in the future.

          The building is about 30 years of age. In the middle of a room has a round terrazzo column with​ a​ raw​ concrete​ ceiling beam that has worn off due to ages but look so powerful and beautiful. The designer has kept every detail as much as possible and tried to design to make an old structure notable. The long round shelf has been placed in diagonal angle from the corner of a room to round the terrazzo column which that makes the column looks more outstanding and attract more eyes of​ people who has walked pass through. The red window glass has created a curiosity to people who walk pass and wants to know what’s inside in a shop. Almost every shelf in this place are moveable, old and new furniture has been combined to serve the purpose of using. It creates a fun atmosphere and each of its uniqueness creates a new experience for “An almost an old shop” here.

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