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The client Mr Ketan Sharma , desired to inhabit around 25 workstations for this IT office , but also generate a space that not only satisfies the function of the office , but also inspires them to work in a way that it enhances the efficiency of the space .


The space did not demand a dedicated reception space , hence the entire floor  was envisioned as one cocoon within which there is an offering of multiplicity of experience . We came up with this idea of Fluid lines and challenged the conventional system of workstation layout. The question really was to create a work atmosphere where there is a choice of switching from a serious work space into a casual space , while one  practices the rigor to performance at the same time .


We introduced these fluid lines into the space that form a continuous workstation platform, abutting the peripheral wall . This organic shaped table twists in the middle and becomes a connected brainstorming zone with no strict distinction from the remaining space  . 


To add diversity of workspaces , we introduced a low height table with a designer chair, where one can squat  on the floor  for longer hours .


This entire arrangement was notionally decided to be separate from the main entrance by introducing a metal screen . This metal screen was anticipated as a visual space that not only performs the function  of physical separation from the entrance and the work zone , but also as a work of art , that brings identity to the  office . Hence we used the circuit diagram of a Motherboard and created a  composition that reflects the the function and aspiration at the same time


A waterjet cut metal screen retains the transparency in the space and also becomes a very strong element of interest 


To reflect the owners personality  into the space , we decided to create terracotta flooring that brings   a lot of warmth in the space  .  We used earthy color palette in the entire space, The pine wood for the organic shaped table tops syncs perfectly well with the Red terracotta flooring . 


A small pantry along the corner that continues to become another seating space with high Bar chairs creates another layer into the seating arrangement .


A small meeting room and directors cabin for  personal interviews were also created keeping the color pallete same


Team members - Niharika, Arshjot , Sidhant

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