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Fifth Note _ Office Interiors by ForumAdvaita

AMAN SOHAL en tant que Architectes.

This 1500 sft Office Interiors for Mr Ketan Sharma has been a cherishing journey for us . The client besides aiming for an efficent workspace and high productive atmosphere is also an artist by heart . 

STORY BOARD - The idea was to create a Nazm ( theme based poetry ) in the space .Hence we chose the element of Motherboard circuit as a concept and the entire lighting design was perceived as an oversized Circuit pattern that hovers above in a form that is not only a reflection of the space but also attains a poetic form at the same time . Being an extention office the idea was also to retain the material pallete but with a subtle freshness.The arrival space has brick wall that takes one into the timeline of a village terracotta flooring, all the services are planned along this wall such that they do not contribute as a hinderance into the space.The services have been concealed above the cement board ceiling so that the lighting design can be appreciated in its purest form .The element of Jaali has been retained in the form of a glass film design that also extends the poetic form of the circuit pattern .

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Fiche technique du produit
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