FEIT Prince St

FEIT Prince St

Prince St, New York
Année du projet
Naho Kubota


Jordana Maisie Design Studio en tant que Lead Designer: Architecture + Lighting.

Installation One: Raw Elements of Construction, prioritises FEIT's commitment to craftsmanship, every piece of furniture is a one off - nothing modular, each piece was built onsite, entirely by hand, by two very talented carpenters. Cascading wooden planes emerge from the existing architecture into a split-level display showcases the collection. Similarly, the POS unit peels away from the adjacent wall, morphing into a functional work and display station.

The incorporation of direct daylight into the design was also important, so we removed the awning to allow for direct morning light to activate the glazed display cabinet and reach deep into the store. The direct light creates a beautiful intervention on the ceiling every morning as light passes through the stud wall and is reflected back up onto the ceiling by the mirror-clad dressing room. It only stays there for 30 - 45 minutes, but it’s worth it.

The electrical lighting system was designed to define breaks in the program, separating display from service. A wall of vertically mounted fluorescent fixtures defines the boundary between retail display and areas dedicated to service (shoe repair and fitting areas).

The repetitive nature of the vertical fluorescent lighting element also plays off the mirror-clad walls, expanding the perceived boundaries of the physical space (only 54.2 sqm). The integrated lighting and architectural design is key in playing with the user’s perception of depth, producing a sense of wonder as users try to distinguish where the boundaries within the physical space lie.

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