Fashion mall Belgrade - lighting design

Fashion mall Belgrade - lighting design

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Lighting at the Belgrade Fashion mall

Ariel zuckerman en tant que Fabricants.

This project started in a working meeting with the architectural firm Ran and Morris, the theme of the mall they plan in Belgrade came up. They loved our lighting collection called "Knitted" and wanted to use it in designing the spaces for the ski light in the mall. But the client, Plaza Centers, wanted bigger fixtures with more geometric shapes, and so began the process of several sketches that we did based on the lighting we presented last year at the Venice Biennale with Mos gallery, I took the fixtures and increased them three times to get the desired effect, everything was placed in simulations in proportions and from there we continued to select colors, Materiality, etc.

The project includes six types of lighting fixtures, and a total of about thirty units, some of the fixtures are three meters in diameter and at a height of two meters, so they are quite large

The material was made from a panel on either side of which was aluminum, and in the center was foamed plastic. In the professional name Xbond, then the panels were coated with decorative foils, the material selection was a learning process. The use of aluminum with plastic gave strength on one side and relatively light weight on the other.

The project is being co-operated in three countries, with our studio and Ran a Morris arch located in Tel Aviv, the manufacturer Andras and coordinate Basic collection in Budapest, and the mall in Belgrade.

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