Fashion apartments in Kiev

Fashion apartments in Kiev

Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy
Kiev, Ukraine
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Andrey Avdeenko
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SofaB&B Italia
SanitaryAntonio Lupi Design S.p.A.
Decorative lightDelightfull
Dinner-wagonsBoca Do Lobo

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Decorative light
by Moooi
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Fashion apartments in Kiev

Design Studio Zimenko Yuriy en tant que Concepteurs.

The Kyiv decorator and designer of interiors Yuriy Zimenko decided to carry the tendencies of sphere of fashion from podiums in dwelling space, realizing plan in the interior of the suites of rooms, located in the center of Kyiv. Success of project was conditioned first of all by that a professional always does a rate only on the best. It touches an exceptional colour palette, articles of furniture and decor.

In a discussion with a customer colour concept was born for an apartment, where the color appeared at every apartment, characterizing the atmosphere of every separate space. So the tints of blue color were used in registration of living room, in spaces of kitchen and table zone they were complemented by yellow-green facades and expressive decorative pattern. The cabinet of apartment is executed in marine tones with the use of color of tiffany. A blue color sets a mood in a bathroom, while guest bathroom was executed in a red tint. The interior of bedroom is realized by violet.

Natural materials became basis of registration of apartment : always warm tree, luxurious marble, onyx. Such combination of colors and materials, complemented by quality textiles, created an interior with the personal and deep character. So the windows of all rooms were decorated by the tulle of Decortex, a functional is provided with window shades from textiles from Creation Baumann. If to talk about the faint notes of fashion- aesthetics, then not noticing the stylish upholstering of the upholstered furniture is simply impossible. For this purpose Yuriy Zimenko chose textile of the saturated blue color from Lizzo. In a cabinet similar approach was realized through the above-mentioned brand of Creation Baumann.

Carpets in this interior became one of key decorative decisions. A trend on mixing of different colors in one project got the name "color blocking" in the world of fashion.