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Javier Agustín Rojas


MSGSSV en tant que Architectes.

The objective of the FADEEAC Transport University is to train professionals in freight transportation. The Argentine Federation of Freight Autotransport Business Entities (FADEEAC) will train short and medium distance drivers in the various tasks involved in their daily work.

These learnings range from teaching truck driving on the track and with state-of-the-art simulators, advanced knowledge of mechanics, loading trucks with different stowage means, to theoretical topics such as transport and traffic laws, and procedures for various procedures legislation, inspection and logistics.

The extension of the land and the different activities carried out is what allowed the project to be developed as an academic campus where its spaces are extended and joined through protected circulations.

This University is developed with a social focus, it will not only try to provide qualified labor, but also fight for road safety, aiming to reduce traffic accidents, training truck drivers in a committed and responsible way.

Architecture will accompany this attitude of social responsibility, with buildings organized according to their functions, designed according to their requirements. With its own characteristics, it takes advantage of the advantages of its location, providing the buildings with ventilation and natural light, with open buildings linked to the environment, in contact with the nature of the place.


Material Used :
1. Carpeal - Fixed joinery
2. Technal - Carpentry FM159
3. Alumil - Mobile acoustic panels
4. Hunter Douglas - Interior Ceilings

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Crédits de projet
Fiche technique du produit

Interior CeilingsHunter Douglas Architectural
Mobile acoustic panelsAlumil S.A
Carpentry FM159Technal
Fixed joineryCarpeal
Fiche technique du produit
Interior Ceilings
Mobile acoustic panels
Carpentry FM159
by Technal
Fixed joinery
by Carpeal
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