Façade Refurbishment for the “Virgen del Camino”

Façade Refurbishment for the “Virgen del Camino”

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Année du projet
José Manuel Cutillas

Façade Refurbishment for the “Virgen del Camino” Hospital

AH ASOCIADOS en tant que Architectes.

What was the brief?
The project resolves the wall of a new volume added to the existing hospital building; which contains the ladder of escape in case of fire and a local facility in each of the plants.


What were the key challenges?
The two types of uses described above require the existence of a considerable area of ventilation holes open to the outside.


What materials did you choose and why?
The solution is based on the use of plates of sheet aluminum bent at the horizontal edges, so they gain strength and make the existence of unions stalled overlap. The trays are perforated in areas where natural ventilation is required while in other areas are configured as flat plate. The latter have a slightly greater thickness of metal to ensure flatness. The trays were treated with an anodised after folding. The structure was solved by the front pillars formed from folded sheet steel hot-dip galvanized shall be welded to the steel beams that form the main structure. In turn, the trays are joined to the uprights by means of lag screws and nuts that pass through holes torn in both directions of the plane. The auction pieces at the corners, and start coronation are folded sheet of anodized aluminum. On the inside all the elements that make up the wall are in view.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Plates of sheet aluminum bent 
2. Flooring: Galvanized steel plates
3. Windows: Perforated areas in plates of sheet aluminum bent 

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