Fab Cafe Nagoya
Kenata Hasegawa I OFP

Fab Cafe Nagoya

SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE Co.,Ltd. en tant que Architectes.

We dared to create a low roof constraint on the park. The roof was made of  "Kigumi" made up of "small trees". It connects the consciousness of people staying at the cafe to the park .

When do you feel calm, open and comfortable?
This time, the square industrial space was created with a wooden frame, as if you were in the eastern house of the park. In addition, it is a cozy space where you can see the bright outside from the shade of a large tree. We aimed for a feeling of openness that would lead to the park.

I imposed on myself to build the entire cafe with the charm of "small trees" and designed it. I think it has made it possible to expand the range of ways in which "small wood" parts can be used. Also, by intentionally leaving the bark of the tree, I left a memory of the tree being sawn and fading. I was able to feel once again that "there is a possibility of new creation lurking within the constraints." I hope that people who visit this space will feel it.


Material Used :
1. Corian Design: CXA
2. Mortex: BM26
3. Wood: Hidakuma

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