Eye Face Surgery Medical Day Hospital

Eye Face Surgery Medical Day Hospital

C& Partners Architects Inc
Toronto, Canada
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Eye Face Surgical Institute

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The Eye Face Surgical Institute, located in a high-rise building at a bustling intersection north of Toronto, is a 3,000 square feet clinic and surgical suite that serves Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology patients. In order to meet the Level 3 Out of Hospital Premise standards from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the building envelope and mechanical system were modified by our architectural and engineering team to provide sufficient fresh air, pressure and ventilation to the surgical room and recovery room.

Other than tackling the technical challenges of designing a hospital grade surgical suite in a commercial high-rise, we also recognize our design has to respond to the key practices and services by the surgeons, which are surgeries on eye, nose, neck and throat. C & Partners designed the Institute so that circulation, layout, lighting and choice of interior finishes reflect the needs of patients who have a weaker vision and are sensitive to light and smell. Each treatment room and the surgical suite are tailor-designed to meet the ergonomics of each surgeon's practice style so that the patient is always at the focal point, where all tools and equipment are placed conveniently to the standing and sitting position of the surgeon. Other than ergonomic friendly, the layout of the clinic allows each treatment room to have natural light coming in, where all servicing spaces that do not receive patients, such as staff room, clean room and sterilization room, are located in the middle of the Institute.

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