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EYE, the new Dutch film museum, opens to the public on April 5, 2012

EYE en tant que Client.

EYE, the new film museum located on Amsterdam’s waterfront, will open its doors to the public on April 5, 2012. Starting on that day, visitors can watch films on the four screens, explore the exhibition area, the interactive basement, the museum store, and the restaurant and café.

The new EYE Film Institute Netherlands is located on the northern side of the waterfront, directly across from Amsterdam’s Central Station. The Vienna based firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects designed a striking complex that houses four screens, 640 seats and 1200 square meters of exhibition space.

EYE is the only museum in the Netherlands that is exclusively dedicated to film and the moving image. EYE exhibits film as art, entertainment, cultural heritage, and a conveyer of information. It offers exhibitions and corresponding film programs with a keen eye for current, historical and artistic developments, paying particular attention to yound people as well. In addition to films for children and their families, EYE organises educational programs and activities for children and adults alike.

The museum’s basement offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to search through EYE’s digitized collection in an interactive way. The museum store features a wide assortment of film paraphernalia while the restaurant and café offers a breathtaking view of the waterfront.

EYE Museum Amsterdam

HEWI en tant que Door handels.

Until now the twenty-storey Overhoeks Tower on the former Shell industrial site was the only striking architecture on the northern bank of the Ij. With EYE Amsterdam now has a new landmark. Angular, brilliant white and brightly lit, it sets a visible signal. The spectacular Amsterdam film museum was designed by the Austrian firm of architects Delugan Meissl.

The sculptural, futuristic building evades quick comprehension both on the inside and on the outside. Just like the sequence of images in a film, new perspectives open up again and again.

The spatial appearance of the EYE museum changes depending on the viewer's location. The building appears at times to be more slender, higher, more stocky, more open, more closed. The dynamism of the building is continued inside with the HEWI lever door handle Range 120. The hardware, developed together with Delugan Meissl, pick up on the style of the architecture. The folded silhouette of the lever handle produces dynamic lines and flowing spatial contexts.

RANGE 120 Futuristic design characterises Range 120. The striking style of this unusual hardware range generates an extremely appealing effect at the door. The folded silhouette of the lever handle allows dynamic lines and flowing spatial contexts to be created. The style of the lever door hand range 120 was developed together with the renowned Viennese firm Delugan Meissl Associated Architects.

Range 120 integrates the usually separate rose in the neck of the lever handle. Thanks to its extravagant design Range 120 has an unusual touch. The curved lever handle is made of high-quality synthetic material. A steel core inside the handle provides added stability.

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