Exzenterhaus Bochum

Exzenterhaus Bochum

Gerhard Spangenberg Architekt
Bochum, Germany | View Map
Henrik Schipper

Exzenterhaus Bochum

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Eccentric Architecture: Exzenterhaus in Bochum, Germany

With Exzenterhaus (from Lat. ex centro / off centre), the city of Bochum features one of the tallest office buildings in Germany’s Ruhr region. Eighty-nine metres high, 15 floors: situated in a prominent location, Exzenterhaus offers generous office spaces. With its eye-catching architecture and unusual development history, the building has become a new landmark for Bochum.

Spectacular building: a 22 metre-high cylindrical bunker serves as foundation for the 15-storey tower. The structure is divided into three separate five-storey segments, which give the impression of being twisted against each other. The first segment faces south, the second faces the Ruhr University and the third faces the city centre, thus causing the sunlight to reflect off them in different ways.

The entrance to the building is cut into the concrete cylinder of the bunker. The ceiling of the LED-lit foyer is 5.9 metres high. Curved mirrors lining the interior walls make the space seem even larger than it is. Exzenterhaus is equipped with JUNG’s classic LS 990 switches, whose colour and form match the respective surroundings. Alpine white switches fit seamlessly into the white walls, while black switches round off the reduced style of the offices. Switches in a custom grey shade match the tone of the concrete walls.

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