Expansion Area IJburg

Expansion Area IJburg

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Année du projet
Maisons privées
Luuk Kramer

Exclusive island residence

Architectenweb Magazine en tant que Médias.

The smallest island within the IJburg expansion area east of Amsterdam forms an exclusive appendix of the adjacent, larger island: Haveneiland. All one hundred and forty homes are being realised by private developers on a small scale. The houses are situated in one street and all have a yard at the water. An occurring theme of the development is the relationship between the residence, the surrounding scenery and the penetration of daylight. Long lines of sight and daylight are apparent in this house.

The ground floor is one continuous space. With the help of some walls here and there the space is organised. The bathroom is the core of the house dividing the floor plan in two. Despite its central positioning the bathroom is not an obstacle in the open plan. The floor is organized by a partitioning cupboard, that transforms from wardrobe to kitchen wall. Finally, the doubled height of the living room forms a well of light. The first floor is not quite as extravagant as the ground, hung in the atrium is an intimate bedroom which looks out onto the rooftop.

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