Eurythmy Building

Eurythmy Building

Narrawa Road, Wights Mountain QLD, Australia | View Map
Année du projet
Fiche technique du produit

ÉlémentMarqueProduct Name
internal lining Veneto XFTarkett
curved Custum roof corrugated panels 140mmArcpanel
Soap dispenser & Paper dispenser and binBritex USA
internal paint Dulux Australia
posts and beamsHyne Timber

Fiche technique du produit
internal lining Veneto XF
by Tarkett
curved Custum roof corrugated panels 140mm
Soap dispenser & Paper dispenser and bin
internal paint
posts and beams

Samford Valley Steiner School - Eurythmy Building

pentArchi en tant que Architectes.

“Eurythmy pedagogical exercises begin with the straight line and curve and proceed through successively more complicated geometric figures and choreographed forms, developing a child's coordination and concentration. An extensive set of special exercises has also been developed for pedagogical purposes. These include metamorphosing geometric patterns and dynamic movement sequences.”


Eurythmy is an expressive, movement art originated by Philosopher Architect Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie von Sivers in the early 20th century.


The Steiner School curriculum varies from traditional mainstream educational approaches as it has music, craft and dance as core subjects in its methodology.


 “Eurythmy is a compulsory subject for all the primary and secondary classes at Steiner School. The Samford Valley School was in need for a dedicated eurythmy dance classroom.  


The clients’ vision was for a square and symmetrical space that opened only on one side lit by filtered light with high volume and acoustic qualities to teach dance movement without air-conditioning and other technological aids. 


The positioning of the building was meticulously considered in relation to the slope, the existing trees, and the direct functional visual and acoustic connection to the existing multipurpose stage below.


The building comprises one very large 144square dance classroom, flanked by two utilitarian wings on either side. On one side, a student change room and PWD amenity and on the other a costumes store and an office space.


A north -facing veranda offers a generous under cover gathering space linked with accessible pathway system connecting with the other existing school buildings.


The slight cut and filling of the ground nestles the building in the landscape minimizing the impact from the Narrawa Drive street edge and amplifying the scale from the performance stage below.


The top hillside functional wing with concrete floor slab anchors the timber-sprung floor for the dance classroom on the sloping ground beyond.


The careful positioning and orientation of the building also now contains the upper side of the grassed amphitheatre and provides a vantage point to the stage of the existing multipurpose hall below. 


The sand stone curved wall mimics the gentle curves in elevation continuing the existing language of the special outdoor space that was designed years earlier.


It was envisaged that during school festivals and presentation nights the dance building would be used in conjunction with the hall.


From the veranda a new vantage point for both performance and spectators alike is possible.


The acoustic achieved by the curved corrugated ceiling form allows the classroom to be adaptable for various atmospheres required for eurythmy and other music performances.


The new purpose designed dance classroom facility will be a valued addition to the Samford Valley, augmenting the schools fabulous education environment, which offers a unique education system.


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