Europan 5 - winning entry

Europan 5 - winning entry

Siebold Nijenhuis Architecten
Almere, Netherlands
Année du projet


Europan 5

Siebold Nijenhuis Architecten en tant que Architectes.

Award winning design for the Europan 5 competition. The plan originated from the fascination with the landscape surrounding the city of Almere. The main concept is to integrate the landscape into a new dwelling environment by lifting the mass of the building block. In this way, the landscape will float underneath the building. On the side of the innercourt, the raised residential street gives each house type an independent entrance.

Designed with Aldo Vos as SAAS architects 1st prize 1999

Competition Europan is a European competition of ideas for young spatial designers. With this competition Europan aims to give form to a Europe in which young and highly-promising designers can contribute to innovations in the field of spatial design. Europan organises a competition once every two years in, on average, fiftien countries

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