Eternal palace-POPPEE Store

Eternal palace-POPPEE Store

Atelier Tree
Indigo Mall, 18 Jiuxianqiao Road in Chaoyang District, Beijing
Année du projet
Da Dong Photography Studio

Eternal Palace —POPPEE Store at Indigo Mall, Beijing

Atelier Tree en tant que Architectes.

As it goes in the poem,Learning Encouragement, written by Zhao Heng during the Northern Song Dynasty, an book has its own chamber of gold; an book has its own beauty as jade.
It is in the third collective store of POPPEE where sells many global famous jewelry designers’ excellent works that Atelier Tree successfully created an exhibiting installation, shaking off the gravitational restrain and floating between the sky and the earth, which makes the chamber of gold come into reality.
Just like the illusion to settle Ah Jiao in a chamber of gold in ancient times, our eternal palace now stands tall and upright without any foundation, becoming a super container of the diverse and self-confident aesthetic energy of contemporary women and show the brand's eternal pursuit of the value of beauty across time and space.
Perfectly fitted in the proscenium-arch-shaped building area, our design presents the complete space inside the horizontally expanding glass and absorbs visitors in with open arms, when the long elevation standing on the hypotenuse of trapezoidal plan acts as a transparent displaying window.
It is a salute to a traditional oriental philosophy, which concentrates on the harmony between humankind and nature, from the display installation’s evolution on its “body”.
Building site is abstractly imagined as the whole nature. The structure, carrying merchandise(object) and costumers(man), grows gradually while taking care of man, object and nature.
The appearance of hipped roof is a strong abstraction of traditional architecture, and also a metaphor for the presence of sky. Accordingly, wind blows, rain falls, star shines, the sun rises and sets, there is light and warmth. 
The action that moves the center of slope crest away represents that the architecture is taking nature in and refers to the traditional courtyard. However, the void is now replaced by an entity at the structure’s focus.
Hereupon, a quadrate corridor is shaped inside the structure which echoes the space of traditional Chinese religious building, courtyards and verandas. A closed ring-shaped flow line on the plane, together with a maximized display interface, directly corresponds to the demand to achieve a balance between the amount of product exhibition and the efficiency of shopping experience.
As holes would appear on the ring-shaped entity when visitors involve in responding to the need of body and eyes, they connect the space, which is already divided into interior and exterior, so that the view of clouds, moon lights and air flows can penetrate in.
Finally, the structure differentiates into parallel texture, all connected, and forms a display installation accommodating the exhibiting cases. All these parallel boards, composed of acrylic board and laser-cut electroplated stainless-steel boards with strokes of Chinese characters engraved on, are prefabricated in factory and hoisted on site and welded or hinge joint. Numerical control machining ensures the precision of produce and the method of prefabricating modules before assembling largely saves construction time and project cost for site operation, at the same time, major materials used for building the installation all can be recycled. 
Taking rafters as their archetype, a traditional architectural component which usually bears pressure, however these parallel boards with grouped top here are bearing vertical load from the display installation in the form of arris of slab of thin-walled steel. With the top plate and truss of the site building as main force bearing point, steel structure hiding in the side walls further strengthens the carrying capacity and stability of the display installation. After the structural calculation of the global finite element model, specification of these force-carrying boards is modified, and a mirage-looking installation view is created on condition of safety.
Ground is released and free to be ocean, lake, wilderness and plaza…
It is a poetic event of the relationship of three. Imaginal nature is entirely invisible, but it does exist; the displaying installation, golden palace, may remain here for several years but it would definitely be dismantled and apply the materials to the next circulation; visitors may act as a leading part but would become nothing but a float light. However, man, object and nature are fused up in our conception, the desire for beauty which they stimulate together is already stamped on the site and would last forever.

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