Estación Marítima de Alcudia

Estación Marítima de Alcudia

SCT Estudio de Arquitectura
Alcúdia, Balearic Islands, Spain | View Map
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Estación Marítima de Alcudia

SCT Estudio de Arquitectura en tant que Architectes.

The seaport is located in the first lineup of the commercial docks. In addition, part of the fixed walkway facing the maritime station, is integrated into the station itself organizing and distributing the different courses of the same. The building consists of 3 levels, being the maximum building of 12 meters height.


Generating the project idea is the creation of a large volume as a container, which, through its segregation produces different volumes resulting from access is performed through a porch leading to large covered space mode. This segregation allows different programs operating independently of the others. Thus the maritime station, offices and the cafeteria/restaurant comprise three areas differentiated project, accessing them from level +-0.00. Also, while from one side of this large space there is the arrival of passengers in a pedestrian way, from another are connected with areas of shipment of cars and trucks, allowing access, on the one hand, to the ticket office of expedition of tickets and, secondly, to the cafeteria/restaurant.


In order to promote the image of large container while the façade is organised a strict modulation, inside of it and in the lobby area main, has projected that the existing frameworks to dimension + 3.50 and + 6.50, are suspended from the roof, creating a large hanging element, are the offices and the lounges, which does not fit into contact edge with the building at any time. As well as, from level +-0.00 a passenger can perceive the maritime station takes place in a unique interior space.


The building program has located schematically in the following manner:


On 0.00 level main lobby and cafeteria, in the 3.50 level offices and restaurant and the 6.50 level boarding and the Café terrace rooms. Thus, at level +-0.00 through a large covered space, accessed on the one hand to the area's main lobby of the building and on the other, to the cafeteria. In the main lobby area, also the lockers of forwarding tickets, toilets, (Elevator, escalator and staircase normal) vertical communication nuclei, the arrival of passengers and baggage collection area will be located, a area dedicated to the sale of souvenirs, newspapers,... and access to offices that are located in the level + 3.50.


On the other side of the large covered space, lies the Café, which has a separate access that allows its performance outside hours of stay and also independent access to the docks.


In the 3.50 level, are offices that can function independently of the station since its access is produced by the large covered space. Offices still enjoying views towards the main hall which develops mostly in double height (6 meters). On the other side, lies the restaurant of the station, which, like the cafeteria, can work independently from the station.


On the 6.50 level, are, on the one hand, the lounges with the corresponding police control, the arrival of passengers landing area, toilets and through a covered outdoor walkway communicates with the terrace of the cafe.

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