Esil Riverside

Esil Riverside

INK Architects
Zhumat Shanin Street, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan | View Map
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Esil Riverside - living at waterfront

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The unique architecture of the residential complex “Esil Riverside” combines the best traditions of New York neo-classicism, elements of art deco and aesthetics of the national culture of Kazakhstan. Ethnic meaning carries a large amount of gold in the decoration of light stone facades, which for centuries has been an allegory of the natural wealth and well-being of the Kazakh people. The mythological winged tulpar crowning the roof of Esil Riverside became the symbol of the residential complex.


The complex includes two residential towers, combined by commercial and public spaces. The design of Esil Riverside used the experience of construction of New York residential buildings, which is to create maximum living space and light space, as well as a minimum of decorative details and effective room zoning.


The residential complex is equipped with a smart home system, as well as equipped with modern technologies in the field of safety and comfort of living. Also, the building is environmentally balanced and energy-efficient.


Vertical protrusions on the facade planes, bay windows, and step-like height differences are used in the structure’s artistic interpretation. The architectural composition boasts an imaginative presentation of monumental respectability and laconic clarity of proportions.

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