Escuela Infantil La Pernera

Escuela Infantil La Pernera

Luis Ridao

Luis Cano
Antas, Almería, Spain | View Map
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Escuela Infantil La Pernera

Luis Ridao en tant que Architectes.

This educational center is located in the municipality of Antas, in the Levante Almeriense. For its location, a site with a steep slope was chosen from which to enjoy the fantastic panorama offered by the almost always dry riverbed of the Antas River. The construction of a large terrace on which the building is located was the response to both the peculiar orography of the site and the regulatory requirement that all the rooms be located on a single level, ensuring universal accessibility.

The built volume looks out onto the landscape like the lens of a camera that wishes to portray what it contemplates. The colors of the walls of the galleries are a glimpse of what is observed: the corridor leading to the classrooms reflects the range of shades of the river landscape: yellows, ochers, oranges, blues and greens. The corridor of the service and administration area reflects only the blue of the sky. In this simile, the tramex grille that protects much of the glass, especially on the south façade, acts as a diaphragm. The façade facing the town is a white wall.

The main entrance is marked by a large closet, which penetrates transversely into the lobby from the outside. From a functional point of view, the building is structured in two sectors: the classroom, which extends outwards as a playground, and the service and administration area, comprising a staff room, a management office, a laundry area, a kitchen and staff toilets. The entrance hall articulates both areas and can be added to the multipurpose room -inserted in the services and staff block- by opening a large sliding door. In the basement there is a separate storage room for the Town Hall.

There are two types of classrooms. For the youngest children (from four months to two years) there are open-plan rooms with an adjoining service area where the changing table and cribs are located for resting. The classrooms for the older children (two to three years old) are larger and share a toilet area equipped with child-sized toilets. These auxiliary pieces, elongated and fitted between the classrooms, reverberate, until they reach the playground, the colors that were captured in the access gallery.

The construction technology is simple. The structure of metal pillars and reinforced concrete slabs. The exterior walls are made of brick masonry and the interior is made of plasterboard partitions. The service areas are separated from the classrooms with dm wood and acoustic insulating glass. The facades are coated with single-layer mortar, and the entrances, skylights and louvers are marked with galvanized sheet metal. The carpentry is made of anodized aluminum in its color. Linoleums of gray tones have been used in pavements and interior protection skirting boards. Recycled rubber was used in the playground.

Two poplar (populus bolleana) plantations -small and grouped next to the main entrance, linear in the playground- are incorporated into the project, giving it the benefit of its changing nature throughout the year.

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