Es Vedrà primary school

Es Vedrà primary school

mipmarí arquitectura i disseny
Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza, Spain | View Map
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mipmarí arquitectura i disseny en tant que Architectes.

The proposal is based on the following premises: to save the different topographic levels which are the two existing buildings, to expand the existing school until complete the program required (solving the slope of the site) and to communicate the two existing buildings between them and with the new one, always keeping the school in operation during construction.

It creates a new access building, located between the two existing ones, which connect with each other and with the new block containing the classrooms. Through a system of ramps, stairs and elevator freed school of architectural barriers.

With the situation of new buildings and between them, a courtyard appears open to south and north, being crossed by the bridge connection that becomes the entrance building as it approaches to the new classroom one. This speech helps saving the initial premises with a new building that dialogue with their environment and solve the shortcomings of this. And providing, at the same time, its construction because is a separate building from the other ones, allowing the operation of the centre during construction.

At a functional level, existing buildings are used for kindergarten and multipurpose and administrative uses, leaving in the new building the rest of the program aimed at primary school, kitchen, dining room and gymnasium.

The new buildings integrate with existing ones using materials and finishes that give a single image to all, keeping the existing vegetation and breaking the rigidity of program with a set of floor plans and colors (both inside and outside). While also are integrated into the countryside in search diminish its visual presence.

Ibiza offers a range of possibilities for enjoy nature, and the characteristics of the place where this school is housed, makes the respect for the environment as an essential concept to consider. Following this line, the ecological aspect was instrumental in the drafting and development everyday school life. The school is prepared to collect rain water covers and tracks for use in irrigation or fill tanks for toilet’s use. All openings are protected with slats to control the solar incidence, regulate indoor comfort and reduce energy demand. Also there are installed system photovoltaic and solar panels.

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